A PDF document to print out can be downloaded here:- Preachers brief PDF

Preacher's Brief (last update November 2011) 

This document's objective is to jointly help a preacher's ministry at Upton.
It states something of what the congregation is used to, but does not preclude change and progress. We recognise the service is the preacher's, but we welcome and appreciate prior dialogue and an input if possible.
It is obviously a snapshot- last updated November 2011.

Church Background
Only place of Christian Worship in village of 8500 folks. Rural, ex mining community. Village expanding as new housing built.

Congregation Outline
Not solely from Methodist background.
Average of 22 adults attending.


Children are all related to congregation ages range from 0 -14 with an average attendance 12.

 Worship Format

No specific introit, but music played and candle lit 5 mins prior to service.
Used to a variety of formats from formal to interactive.
If not All Age Worship, children usually in at beginning up to 2nd hymn. Children usually leave during hymn. For communion children usually out at beginning and returning during the peace
We appreciate being able to choose collection song from Songs of Fellowship.
Notice sheet is printed, but we appreciate opportunity to read out extras/ amendments and provide a welcome to preacher.
The noticesheet states the scripture readings used during the service to assist folks to find in advance and follow from their pews. This and any other noticesheet information to Nigel Storey please by Sat evening by phone (01977 644843), or email (nigel.storey@virgin.net).
Refreshments provided afterwards, 90% folks remain for this.

Worship Material
Methodist Worship Books and a limited number of Good News Bibles.


We welcome and appreciate the possibility of participation within the service.
Folks are available to read scripture, take part in drama etc. Useful though not essential to know in advance.
Worship leaders (Deb, Adrian, Nigel) available to help if required, worship time can be prepared.

Contact Nigel Storey- senior steward on 01977 644843 or see www.uptonmethodistchurch.org.uk

We can contribute to these, open or silent.

Music/ Worship Assistance

Keyboard (from organ to piano sound)
To transpose for clarinet, useful to know music by Thursday to Adrian Howes 01977 642487
Singing group (circa 6 folks) can assist in leading worship and teaching congregation any new song/ hymn.

Available Singing Material

We have a CCLI licence (music and words)- can duplicate words onto sheets or onto back of noticesheet. Can duplicate/ write out forprojection- short advance notice required.

Singing The Faith

Hymns and Psalms

Songs of Fellowship 1, 2, 3 and 4


Pulpit, Lectern, Flexible seating (chairs) and flat floor- can be rearranged.
Loop system, Clip on radio microphone.
Other fixed microphones for Pulpit, Lectern and front of chapel
Hand held radio microphone for elsewhere or if mobility needed
Whiteboard, flip chart.
Services are usually recorded (sound only) for potential use of those not able to attend.
Can play back tape/ CD.
Can borrow circuit projection equipment for power point/ dvd from pc or player.

High Street, Upton, on right hand side, opposite Tanning Shop, just after and on same side as Post Office as road bends round to left when travelling through village from West to East.
Post code (eg for www.multimap.co.uk) is WF9 1HQ.