Pancake Party 2016
Our biggest party yet - over 140 pancakes made.  The place has never been so full! 
Lots of crafts completed too including a Lent activity folder.  More to be added to it at our next Midweek Messy in March.

Messy Nativity
Again our hall was buzzing with the sound of families enjoying our Midweek Messy Church.  We made halos, crowns, sheep and lots of baby Jesus' in mangers.  We then joined Jack the Donkey to learn of his experience at that first Christmas.  A party tea followed. 

Christingle 2015
Another great afternoon of celebrating the Christingle - crafts, worship and chocolate.  I never knew there were so many kinds of chocolate.

NEW Midweek Messy
I think all will agree our new Midweek Messy Church got off to a flying start.  Our theme was creation and families enjoyed taking part in a variety of crafts including peg people, sea and sky jars and decorating biscuits.  Following a small time of worship led by Peter we enjoyed a meal of jacket potatoes, beans and salad.  Cake too, of course.

Our new minister
Several of our fellowship met with Naomi, our new minister from later this week, so that we could learn something of each other.  We thank her for her time and welcome the opportunities to work together in God's work.  A new minister means an 'old' minister too.  We wish Jacquie well in her new appointment and thank her for all she has done for us in Upton.  

Harvest Supper 2015
Over 50 people enjoyed a wonderful evening of food, fellowship and fun - celebrating harvest.  Thanks to all those involved in putting on a wonderful evening.

Summer 2015 

School was out and what a great summer we had.

30+ children attended our Polar Explorers Holiday Club.  See some photos here.

Our regular attendees also appreciated some fishy fun at our two summer Humpty Dumpty Club sessions. 

11th April 2015

Once again our building and garden was full to capacity with train layouts of various kinds. Children's activities, tombolas and wonderful food ensured all those who attended had a great day.  It was wonderful to see the younger members of our congregation playing an active part in the successful running of this event.  See you next  year!  

17th February 2015

Great Pancake Party this evening.  The school room was filled with children and adults making and eating pancakes although sometimes pancakes were added to toppings rather than the other way round.  Our crafts had a definite 'love' theme and seemed to be enjoyed by all. 

11th October 2014

30 plus folks joined together for our harvest supper and quiz night.  Great food and great quizzing.  Well Done to the winners.  Thanks to all who organised, served, washed up and led the quizzing. 

10th June 2014

Families joined together for some carnival fun. We made scratch masks, band bracelets and origami animals. We saw some magnificent painted creations on our hands and faces and enjoyed outdoor fun - skittles, football and gigantic bubbles. Tea was hotdogs, crisps and dips along with squash cocktails.

Friday 8th November 2013
Toddler group starts today led by Deb, Jenny and Kathryn (with others helping). For all under 5's from 9am to 11-15am.

Saturday 5th October 2013
Craft Fayre here at church with demo and have a go for 7 crafts, cakes stall, tombola, games, light lunches. 10 am to 2pm. 
28th September 2013

Prior to our Harvest Service we had a magnificent pea and pie supper with a quiz. Many thanks to Peter and Adrian for setting the quiz- where 8 teams gently competed for chocolate prizes. Questions were wide ranging- Peter claimed answers were easy; not the case! Thanks also to the support team who kept us fed and watered.

27th September 2013
Coffee morning in aid of Macmillan cancer nurses from 9am.

Pauline and Kath, ably assisted by Brenda and Paul, helped raise funds and awareness of Macmillan's work in the UK. See macmillan site.

1st September 2013
We welcomed 3 new Ministers and a new Deacon to the Aire and Calder circuit.

 See longer writeup and more photographs on

NAS 21/9/13
August 2013 Holiday Club

A good time was had by all in our annual holiday club using material from Scripture Union on the theme of Space Academy telling the story of Daniel in the Old Testament.

We met to do crafts

 And sing songs

Some with actions

from john Hardwick

 And play games

but very importantly listen to Daniel's story told to us by Peter

We were pleased that the sun came out

and we were able to have a picnic

 nas 18/8/13
December 2012

18 cardigans and 10 hats knitted by the ladies of the Women's Fellowship have been donated to the Baby Care Unit at Pinderfields


Just a few of the 89 shoeboxes donated to Operation Christamas Child by members and friends of Upton Methodist Church.  Many thanks to all who participated.

October 2012

Saturday 13th October our craft demonstrationdaywas enjoyed by aproximately 35 - 40 peoplewho were able to have a go at several different crafts and take home with them what they had made.
Photo gallery here.

 Sept 2012

Saturday 29th we enjoyed a harvest supper and quiz attended by aproximately  40 people.Many thanks to all who helped and a special thanks to our quiz masters Adrian & Peter.
Photo gallery here.

 August 2012
Our Olympics themed holiday club held from August 13th  to 15th was a great success.
Here Rachel and a few others share their thoughts of the Olympics themed holiday club.

On the first day we were put into teams depending on our age and each team made a flag. We learnt two songs, which we used to start and finish each day. Each day Peter told us a story - day one was Jesus calling the disciples - his team.

 A version of volleyball was played followed by some dodgy jokes from Nigel. Thomas said the time was good and he liked the jokes.
Tuesday we coloured wristbands and made pictures.Then we went into church to sing our songs and listen to the next story - about Jesus working with his disciples.
A yummy activity was making wraps with ham and soft cheese. Lilly said she liked the eating.

Wednesday was making paper aeroplanes on which we wrote the names of people who look after us. These were thrown in a javelin competition to see whose could go the farthest.
After biscuits and juice, fruit kebabs were made - William especially remembered these were nice. there were more of Nigel's dodgy jokes, singing of songs for the last time and then a water bomb relay competition which turned into a water fight - adults enjoying this too. "I got very wet," said Rachel, Erin and Amelia both said," I enjoyed the water fight" After this wet event all sat down for picnic on the grass which Mo said she enjoyed. This echoed Roger who is considerably older than most children! Neave thought the club was a great success.

Many thanks to all who organised, helped & participated in this wonderful event. Truly an expression of faith in action.

June 3rd 2012
Sunday 3rd of June we celebrated the Queens Diamond Jubilee with a bring & share lunch followed by Songs of Praise.

As well as our own congregation we were joined by friends from around the circuit as well as friends from further away.                
Many thanks go to all who helped with the decorations, food & music.
 Rev Helen Harrell led the songs of praise.

APRIL 28 2012

The temporary framed list, of  the names of the people who have donated towards our new chairs, which was on display in the entrance hall has now been replaced by a permanent version.This has been done in hand written script  by Susan Dean
Many thanks Susan .
Model Railway show Saturday 14 April 2012
On Saturday 14 April the inaugural Upton Model Railway Show was held in Upton Methodist Church. This was the largest community event since the major refurbishment completed last summer
Nearly 150 visitors saw some amazing model railway exhibits, trains for children to play with, train shaped cookies for the children (young and old) to decorate, a chocolate tombola, photographs to scan through, railway posters, magazines to read and take away and as always wonderful catering from the wonderful Debs and her team.

Jamie, Oliver, Phil and Tony from the Wakefield Railway Modellers' Society exhibited a model of Lancaster Green Ayre Station. Built in 1848 it was on the Leeds to Morecambe line. 'We started to research the project 6 years ago and the whole thing is still a work in progress' said Jamie, 'work started on the layout 2 years ago and we are hoping to have it complete in 2015.'

Chris Stevens brought two fantastic rigs. An 00 gauge 'Live Steam' with six engines complete with rolling stock.
One of the engines LNER 4902 Seagull (or 60033 Seagull as it was renumbered under British Railways) was one of 35 Doncaster built Class A4 Gresley Pacific steam locomotives. It entered service on 28 June 1938 and was withdrawn on 29 December 1962.Seagull was a sister engine to the great Mallard and was cut-up at Doncaster works on January 23, 1963.
The second rig was a G gauge outside garden railway with 'Live Steam' locos which were running on a specially built track. This was outside in the garden at the front of the church and attracted many passers-by.
It was quite windy and the carriages blew over a couple of times, but ingenuity ruled the day and a couple of part filled coffee mugs
added just enough weight to keep everything on an even keel!

The event was held to raise funds for Upton Methodist Church's 2012 charity,  Restore (York) Ltd. Restore is a Christian charity set up to provide homes and support for people in York who would otherwise be homeless.
The other beneficiaries of the event will be the young people from within the Aire and Calder Circuit who will be attending
the Peak Venture adventure weekend in October.

So what did the visitors think of the event.

Rhianna (9) 'This is all a bit weird, but by the end of today I might like trains.'
Mo (5) and Owen (8) both said that the best bit was decorating the train cookies. (And Mo should know because she decorated loads!!).
Alan (over 21 - well over 21!!) said, 'I am inspired and will now dig out my train set.'

All in all a fantastic time was had by all and everyone is looking forward to next year's model railway show
and the next event being held in the autumn... watch this space for details.
Slide show of pictures here

Saturday December 10th 2011

Our annual Carol singing raised £89 for Restore, a charity that works with homeless people in York. Restore is our charity for 2011/12-
Sunday December 4th 2011
Christingle Craft afternoon followed by Christingle service. 33 adults and children enjoyed their activities- typical quotes were 'David- you have got enough glue', Eleanor said she was having a fun time making a card. Paula said 'ow' (which we think was connected with the ends of the cocktail sticks), Millie said she had a nice afternoon with hammer beads and paper chains. making.

Rev Helen Harrell led the service. It was good to be able to use our flexible worship area and set out the children in a circle


44 of the 66 shoeboxes donated to Operation Christmas Child by church members and their friends.  Even though we are in difficult times the number donated are 13 more than last year. Our thanks go to all who donated.

5th November 2011

28 adults and 16 children gathered together to enjoy a bonfire party.
Special thanks go to those who organised the food, fire and fireworks.  

14th - 16th October2011 Peak Adventure Visit report & photos HERE
Sunday 2nd of October 2011

Today we celebrated the baptism of Connor one of our young people.  After completing a Youth Alpha Course Connor decided for himself that he would like to be baptized and that now was the right time.
The service was led by Rev Helen Harrell and afterwards we joined together for coffee followed by a faith lunch.

Sunday 25th September 2011

Harvest Festival: gifts of food were brought forward with proceeds from their salegoing to Restore York, a charity for the support and housing of homeless people in York.see their web site HERE

Hedgerow Harvest one of the floral displays.

Saturday 17th September 2011Open Dayreporthere
Sunday 18th September 2011Rededication Service report here

Saturday March 12th 2011

Sean, Elaine and family started out at 9-15am on a sponsored bike ride around the circuit of 12 churches. Children will take it in turns to help out on trailer bikes and tandems. The 35 mile route is expected to take around 8 hours and is in aid of renovation funds.

 Update 5pm- early return:

Weather held out, great welcome at churches. Thankyou for all the support. So far an excellent sum of £507 raised. Elaine admits to aching parts of the body :-). Children were fantastic.

Monday March 6th 2011

Renovation work has begun.                                                                                                The pews have been removed and a start made on levelling the floor.
Sunday February 20th 2011
10-30am: Morning Worship was led by Mr Peter Cookson.
This was our last service in the chapel prior to building changes. 
Services will now be held in the hall until the building changes are complete. 
We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

21/1/2013 mh